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Acerbity cowpea namely the acerbity beans part that people often says, it is one kind goes up in table, very common cole, also be a kind of food that use fabaceous horn souse and becomes. Acerbity cowpea besides can eat directly besides, still can use make various food, the acerbity cowpea that likes e.g. a lot of people fries a meal, it is staple food material with acerbity cowpea and rice namely, connectSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Cross a kind of cate that the means that boil fries makes. Acerbity cowpea introduces to fry the practice of the meal for everybody below!

 Acerbity cowpea fries a meal

One, acerbity beans horn fries a meal to make a method

1, acerbity beans horn shifts to an earlier date abluent, taste gustation to, look to whether pass salty, if too salty had better shift to an earlier date 2 hours to go with clear leach bubble salty.

2, dry water of drop of acerbity beans horn cuts end. Shallot cuts chopped green onion stand-by.

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3, fry boiler to cheer burn heat, next ground meat break up fry hoar after becoming angry, join rice, continue to break up fry.

4, rice is fried adequately after coming loose, add salt to flavor, horn of beans leaving sick at heart continues to break up together fry.

5, fry rice all the time inattentive of a bead bouncy when, next chopped green onion, pepper fries the pan since divide evenly.

Little hint:

1, if acerbity beans horn is not quite salty do not want bubble water, leave a bit saline taste to fry come out fry a meal more delicious.

 Acerbity cowpea fries a meal

2, acerbity beans horn has certain salty degree, so the salt in rice wants extenuatory put.

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Fry in order to add oil of a few chili together.

4, an egg is fried first before if like,the egg also can fry the flesh.

2, the nutrient value of acerbity cowpea

Acerbity cowpea contains rich high grade protein, carbohydrate to reach a variety of vitamins, microelement to wait, can complement the fascia nutriment of airframe. It is normal to what contain vitamin of B a group of things with common features to be able to be maintained among themDigestive gland secretes the function that wriggles with gastric bowel path, restrain choline enzymatic active, can help aid digestion, stomachic.

3, the edible of acerbity cowpea is no-no

1, all appliance all cannot touch oil, the data that enters world cannot have unboiled water, otherwise pickle is easy unripe flower, corrupt.

2, it is certain to take the chopstick that uses pickle special, cannot touch oil, with go up to manage together.

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3, altar edge water often should be added.

4, after pickle altar gives birth to a flower, can cast aside the flower above a few white spirit are added after dividing.

 Acerbity cowpea fries a meal

5, the fabaceous part that uses bubble to make is carried as far as possible tender, the mouthfeel that such bubble come out is more fragile. Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net

6, divide with the food water that will do pickle not easy and overmuch, fabaceous horn, carrot, big head of blue, dish, Jerusalem artichoke, ginger, garlic, celery is OK, if use the proposal such as bud of cucumber, gram to take container bubble additionally to make, bubble overnight can, otherwise washy easy corruption, this namely the diving pickle that common weighs.

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