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Any food place time to grow to be able to have degenerative reaction, because a few old people fear to waste, some food have little bad also meet oversight is dropped. Aubergine is a kind of very common vegetable, is aubergine a bit worse can you still eat? Suggest everybody does not eat cankered food, because cankered food is right,human body can cause an effect, for everybody healthy, still do not suggest everybody edible. Understand the edible note of next aubergine together.

 Aubergine is a bit worse can still eat

One, edible aubergine notices what item

1, a large number of eating raw aubergine is easy toxic

There is a kind to call eggplant alkaline material in aubergine, have fight oxidize and control the function such as cancer cell, one of origin that are action of aubergine health care; but it is right gastric bowelShanghai noble baby

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Path have more powerful stimulative effect, have anaesthetic effect to breathing centre, the meeting when human body intake is tall happens toxic.

Eggplant is alkaline basic not dissolve at water, because this uses scald,very hot, water is boiled wait for a method cannot take out eggplant is alkaline. Bit of vinegar is added when cook, conduce to however destroy and decompose eggplant alkaline.

Precautionary eggplant is alkaline toxic best method, nature is control intake. NotSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Over- , below normal circumstance, the aubergine that meal has 250 grams to control won’t be caused any unwell, because of this everybody also need not too alarmed.

 Aubergine is a bit worse can still eat

2, the meat or fish having a way of aubergine element all appropriate

Can fry already, burn, evaporate, boil, also but deepfry, cold and dressed with sause, do boiling water. Eat aubergine had better not flay, because vitamin B is contained inside aubergine skin, vitamin B and vitamin C are a pair of good partners, the metabolization of vitamin C needs the support of vitamin B in the process, take a skin to eat aubergine to conduce to the absorption of stimulative vitamin C. Aubergine avoid by all means is eaten raw, lestForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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3, mix eggplant mud is the most healthy have a way

Although of aubergine have a way a lot of, but temperature of most cook having a way taller, time is longer, not only fat, nutrient loss is very big also. Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Amount of loss of vitamin of decoct blast aubergine can amount to 50% above. In aubergine all eating in the law, mix eggplant mud is the most healthy.

4, aubergine does not want and crab flesh eats together

Aubergine and crab flesh are cold sex food, eat to often can make intestines and stomach feels uncomfortable together, serious when can bring about diarrhoea, especially the person with taste cold empty more should diet.

5, the bosom is chosen during pregnant feed fresh aubergine

When pregnancy friend is choosing aubergine, also should choose fresh aubergine. Had better not choose old aubergine, especially the old aubergine of after autumn, contain more eggplant alkaline, harmful to human body, unfavorable eat more.

 Aubergine is a bit worse can still eat

The crowd of aubergine of person, unfavorable edible

1, the vegetable that belongs to cold cool property as a result of aubergine, accordingly, the body has dyspeptic, easy diarrhoea, taste Xu Han, the pregnant woman friend of jalf congealed symptom is unfavorable eat more.

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2, aubergine place contains quantity of heat extremely low, senile support of the people is fat person might as well often eat. Aubergine sex is cold, the person of furuncle of prickly heat, unripe to growing easily sore is OK eat more, but taste empty is cold, asthmatic person unfavorable eat more.

3, the aubergine of after autumn has certain toxin, its flavour slants suffering, had better eat less, especially before the diabetic should take an operation less more also as far as possible notLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Eat aubergine.

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