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A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city
Chapter introduction

The lunch form that people likes is how many kinds of diversity. To office worker, can eat midday handy it is to compare convenient and economy is substantial, the course of a few the daily life of a family that takes especially accords with his appetite, also get everybody’s welcome. Lunch is handy and OK the cooked food that has a lot of sort, but the taste of everybody is completely different. What does handy midday cookbook have so?

 Handy midday cookbook

1. sauce chicken gathers up handy

With makings:

Chicken is complete leg (go bone) 1

Egg 2

On the west orchid right amount

Sweet pea 3

Red turnip Chengdu a few

Zhi person breaks right amount

Weak butter

Fry sweet white sesame seed a few


Chicken gathers up sauce: Valve of 60ml of Lin of Chi oil, flavour, saccharic 60ml, garlic 1A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
, ginger 2

 Handy midday cookbook

Right amount water heats in pannikin, put after boil those who handle clean is sweet pea and on the west orchid, drip a few is oily, enter salt of one small spoon again, after vegetable is thoroughlied cook immediately fish out waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall reserves.

flavour Lin, ChiA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Oil and saccharic mix.

The drop in the pannikin that does not stick enters a few oil, explode the garlic valve of sweet ginger chip and section, turn next small fire enters sauce, agitate comes saccharic and deliquescent, quality of a material becomes a bit thick can leave anger.

Must not infusion arrives thick like honey stiff, otherwise from the back when using decoct chicken to gather up, very easy burnt is dropped.

It is to do thick egg to burn next.

Still have egg and fine and soft of Sheng of red trailing plants, weak cream a few salt mixes, thick egg is burned an oil is swept in boiler, small fire heats, enter the egg fluid of the half next.

Scatter immediately then on Zhi person is broken, the fluid that wait for an egg is basic and caky, immediately from the after heading for.

Good thick egg burns whole to be pushed forth, sweep oil again, enter the egg fluid that remain next, catch Sa Shangzhi person broken.

After the fluid that wait for an egg is basic and caky, can fill since the after connecting the egg roll with first time good to continue to was gone to once upon a time piece cutForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Thick piece reserve.

Oil is added in sticking boiler, the chicken with souse is put good after burning heat gathers up, below Pi Chao, small fire simmer in water becomes golden to the skin in can break upSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Face, wait for chicken to gather up two sides decoct is ripe, take a bit step the 2 sauce besmear that had boiled are on gallinaceous skin, search an area next can small fire simmer in water a little while.

Search an area, of drumstick flesh there also besmear a sauce, again a little decoct can take out stripping and slicing.

The souse method of drumstick flesh: Use Chi oil, salt and souse of Lin of a few flavour 30 minutes can. The word that does not have flavour Lin can be replaced with cooking wine.

Place dish. After putting vegetable, scatter on drumstick flesh a few fry sweet white sesame seed, drench next on sauce, if cut,have pour out of bovril, also can drench together on.

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
2. demon is handy

With makings:

Rice right amount

Answer season vegetable is right amount

The flesh kind right amount


Rice is thoroughlied cook, can choose to make it birthday manages or install messtin.

The flesh kind boil very

Vegetable is boiled very

Place messtin

3. panda meal is round

With makings:

Plum a few

Laver a certain number of

Rice right amount

A few of dried meat floss


After rice has been boiled, with plum or dried meat floss is become with filling, the ability after remembering putting is put into the mould to become panda meal model

Drop laver to become the facial feature of ursine Zuo with mould Cut, put in rice group to go up

Place into in box can

4. takes carbonado leg handy

With makings:

Drumstick 150g

Honey, cooking wine, candy, vinegar, unripe smoke

Often smoke, in vain sesame seed

Abelmosk 150g

Chinese cabbage 200g


Drumstick goes bone, join honey, often smoke, unripe smoke, cooking wine souse half hours, scale is: Often smoke: ? Is free time? unripe smoke: ? Zhuo?1:1: 2: 1

 Handy midday cookbook

Oil is not put inside boiler, take the drumstick that has bloated the skin then the face enters boiler first, small fire simmer in water is made in, search an area, till two sides summary hard

Also pour the Shang Shui when souse drumstick into boiler along with all the others, continue two sides decoct is made, till receive juice, can give boiler, after giving boiler, scatter on a few is white sesame seed

Abelmosk section, scald water, drench go up be born smoke

candy, vinegar, unripe transfer sweet-and-sour juice, enter boiler, heat

Join Chinese cabbage, in small fire sneaks away slow, till receive juice

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