Be in ” radiation ” in the world, the war never is changed, plan of a few match colors never also is changed. Since 1997 the first ” radiation ” begin, shelter uniform is insisting to use blue yellow match colors all the time, but is this why? Two when work takes the place of first advocate start the account that disclosed backside in be interviewed recently. Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky are take the place of first ” radiation ” founder, making in obsidian atelier at present ” the outer world ” , they discussed when accepting media to interview ” radiation ” series. According to divulging, use today’s blue yellow match colors all the time at the outset within an inch of is abandoned, shelter subdued within an inch of to become other model. Take the place of at the beginning of development at the outset ” radiation ” when, tim Cain is presiding programmer, the developer that also is in charge of producing image material offers colour program. At that time, this project did not use too much yellow and blue. Cain gave development group an option: Or is in ” radiation ” a certain place uses yellow and blue, if unused word, flat these two kinds of color complete from the purify in game, lest is troublesome. Everybody had known the outcome that chooses this, development group chooses to withhold these two kinds of color, and use this match colors to shelter uniform. is this casual choice in developing a process, made ” radiation ” the visual signal that mark sex provides most in past dynasties work, yellow blue match colors is the delegate of distinctive shelter dweller, also became the delegate of Bi Bi boy at the same time, apparent all the more in the gloomy setting of doomsday useless earth. Be in ” radiation ” after the brand turns over Bethesda, provide a vision to differentiate extremely spent yellow blue match colors also was acceded to come down, want to dare not change now. If be developed at that time group made additionally one kind of choice, so take the place of first ” radiation ” can appear far from yellow and blue, follow-up work also won’t be like the match colors of this mark sex probably to represent. No matter ” radiation ” series future what course to follow, its delegate color is likely the blue Huang Pei that can decide case be subdued in shelter is lubricious.

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