We reported to everybody atelier of Suo Ni whole world is in charge of Shawn Layden yesterday the review that to attending E3 game extended 2019, affirm again on one hand E3 has been done not have before consequence, at the same time Suo Ni respect also does not have other and more new play to be shared with the player before June. In be being interviewed of today’s, we understand, suo Ni is not to abandon completely E3, still perhaps can come back next year. Shawn Layden accepted Game Informer again interview. Many mixing spoke of in interview last identical content, he thinks E3 needs to have a change, or apt TGS the sort of facing of average user exhibit meeting, CES of or choose deflection the sort of facing of the businessman exhibit meeting. Finally, although Suo Ni chooses to exit this year,Shawn Layden still expresses, do not cross this and do not mean annual henceforth E3 they continue to attend no longer. In fact, e3 remains the central issue that global player pays close attention to, and industry thinks Suo Ni and Microsoft will be rolled out 2020 generally brand-new product of plane of sport of generation family expenses, because Suo Ni continued this 2020,the choice abandons attending E3 game to exhibit basically is unlikely.

Last modified: 2019年6月13日



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