” wild big armed escort 2 ” since the behead after official on October 26 last year put on sale obtain countless reputably, this R star expends the work that 8 years time develops to depending on its excellent character, be in even put on sale was surmounted 15 days ” wild big armed escort ” the total sales volume that comes 10 years. Up to this year in Feburary, ” wild big armed escort 2 ” sales volume has broken through 23 million. Now the propagandist short film that day R star announced a paragraph of 15s again, enumerate a lot of honor that game obtains, come with this the heart buying the home with breach pendulous more is prevented. ” wild big armed escort 2 ” short of honorary conduct propaganda:
More than 275 media hit perfect grading, rong Yong 175 ” year game ” award, ” new York magazine ” evaluation: “Of dazzled making a person wonderful ” , GameInformer evaluation: “Of master degree narrative ” . There ever was a report to show before, although ” wild big armed escort 2 ” noumenon whole world blossoms those who sell is quite good, the battalion of type of its line upper mould closes to still cannot appear however look up trend (relatively next door ” GTAOL ” ) . Believing R star also is to the reason the heart knows abdomen bright, but still did not publish any directional statement about PC edition up to now.

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