Foreign player always likes to assemble PC lead plane it seems that play an all sorts of trick, recently ” vitta advocate ” Micah Laplante turned Italian dough into PC lead plane crust however (the) that allegedly this wicked idea or his cummer offer, eat goods to also began to make the decision that lead plane crust makes now? Video appreciation:
Micah Laplante expresses, this him will originally the hardware of Hua Shuo jotter finds a place for reasonably in dough, he still added a few cable to serve as USB-B and HDMI port later, sound it seems that very simple. Interesting part came, once all component are stuck on Italian dough, laplante can be in more giving birth to on exterior upper berth face, to make sure certain agglutinate is spent, he still used a few glue to undertake consolidate works appropriately. Nevertheless he still feels dissatisfactory to this, joined delicate sauce, still made a few intake artificially on this foundation. See here, players are met certainly curious such ” lead plane ” can run normally really, and Laplante is in repair after the enrollment of a few operating systems expresses a mistake, installed Steam and amuse oneself a few game, he still can pass this cate even ” lead plane ” will upload video. What regret exclusively is, laplante still encountered the problem on a few sound. As a whole, cate ” lead plane ” itself does not have what problem, there still is certain drawback when running a few software, but the attempt that must say Laplante did one second photograph to should succeed.

Last modified: 2019年6月12日



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