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A lot of people had eaten papaya, this also is the common fruit in the life. The nutrient material in papaya is very rich, especially the composition of vitamin C is containedForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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The volume is particularly high, eat papaya to be opposite more accordinglyLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The body has very big gain. Of course of papaya having a way is varied, people also can try to have a way differently, present the mouthfeel that come out to also differ so. Do you know the practice encyclopedia cookbook of that Chinese flowering quince?

 The practice encyclopedia cookbook of papaya

One, papaya milk

Material: Papaya 360 grams, xian Niu suckles two cups, bai Sha candy is right amount, broken ice cube is right amount.


1. chooses fresh and squashy Chinese flowering quince, flay, go nucleus, cut chunk account, reserve.

2. is papaya piece, will bright milk, white saccharic1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Reach right amount in breaking ice puts fruit juice machine simultaneously, break concentrated juice into pieces, can drink1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
With. The calcium in bright grandma is qualitative, the vitamin C in papaya, it is the nutrient component that wants in human body, suit every day drinkable.

 The practice encyclopedia cookbook of papaya

2, papaya delicacy suckles dew

Material: Papaya 600g, delicacy suckles 1 cup, coconut juice half cups, candy 200g, corn flour 3 spoon.

Practice: Papaya goes nuclear flay cuts bead. Add candy to boil with two cups of clear water, put papaya bead next, juice of rejoin delicacy grandma, coco, boil with slow fire boil. Open divide evenly corn flour with water of smaller part cup, in joining a grandma to show stage by stage, boil come stiff shape can. The provision that constant edible Chinese flowering quince makes can make the skin smooth.

 The practice encyclopedia cookbook of papaya

3, papaya stews beefsteak

Material: Papaya 1, beefsteak 200 grams, garlic powder, chili a few, oyster sauce, soup-stock, rice wine is right amount.

Practice: With salt, cornmeal and egg, willLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Beefsteak bloats first flavour 4 hours, cut beefsteak strip againForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
. Cut papaya strip, cross oil with small fire first.

The end that use garlic, chili explodes oily boiler sweet hind, leave beefsteak boiler, rejoin oyster sauce, soup-stock and a few rice wine.

Finally, with too whitening ticks off Gorgon euryale, rejoin Chinese flowering quince mixes fry can. Protein of union of the papaya beefsteak that stew and vitaminic. Beef sex is lukewarm, because this is mixed,the fruit can be avoided relatively into dish together at hot and dry gas.

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